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Fried Dead Pig

Day 4 was our first full day of work, as yesterday we spent the morning touring the city of Williamson and the afternoon working up a sweat. To switch things up a little bit I (Grant) will give attempt to give a “real-time” recap of how things happened.

*Note: some of the following events are up to loose interpretation. We’re all healthy, and enjoying our time here :)

6:00AM: Jon wakes up 2 hours early with the sun glaring in his face and a rooster crowing right outside our window.

6:30AM: Breakfast is at 8. I’m assuming the girls wake up then to do their girly things.

7:00AM: Tina sees herself in the mirror and to her horror notices a blazing red sunburn on her neck.

7:45AM: The normal people on the team enjoy an amazing cup of Haitian coffee while the non coffee-drinkers don’t know what they’re missing out on.

8:00AM: Breakfast: Pancakes, bananas, & friend dead pig (the Haitians actually call bacon this).

9:00AM: We visit a hotel across the street that Worldwide Village is leasing for the next few years. It’s unfinished, but their goal is to have it finished within the next few months so they can house larger teams. They asked us what they should name it and a few of our suggestions were “Relax Inn” & “Hotel Paradise”.

9:15AM: Teams load up the vehicles and head to their job sites. Today the ladies are working to help finish painting the sewing center while the guys & Byron Jones (safety for the Dallas Cowboys) head to Siltamine’s house to begin pouring foundation. Byron is funding a new house for Siltamine and much of our work this week will be helping to build it. More on that in tomorrow’s blog.

9:30AM: Guys show up and begin transferring five gallon buckets full of cement “assembly line style”. Coming from the U.S, we’ve noticed that a lot of things the Haitians do are quite different than how we’re used to. For example, to lay foundation they started with a pile of rocks on the ground, added cement mix and water, mixed said materials on the bare ground, shoveled the cement into five gallon buckets and dispersed it around the property.

Despite the interesting work flow and repetitiveness, it was a lot of fun to see the progress that was made today. What began as a bare plot of land ended the day looking like a nice smooth layer of cement.

11:00AM: The ladies are hard at work painting the sewing center. I imagine at some point Tina rolls paint across Cindy’s face and they get into a full out paint war.

11:30AM: Construction team waits for another load of gravel.

12:00PM: Ray (one of the American’s who lives in Haiti full time and works with Worldwide Village) brings the construction team lunch. It’s rice, fish and complementary eyes, scales & bones.

12:30PM: Construction team waits for another load of gravel.

2:00PM: Many of the children are out of school and run over to the sewing center to help paint. According to the team that was over there, it was a lot of fun having the kids work with them. They were extremely hard working and super eager to help out in any way they could. At one point the ladies took a water break and noticed all their painting materials were still being put to good use by the kids. The kids were extremely careful and detailed and ended up painting the entire well-pump building.

2:30PM: Construction team waits for another load of gravel.

3:00PM: Painting crew finishes up and heads over to meet the guys at Siltamine’s house. Guys finish pouring the final part of the foundation & the team heads back to the house.

4:00PM: Most of the team relaxes, takes a shower, & enjoys a coke on the balcony. Jon, Jeff, Byron & I start working on a new dining room table at Pat’s request.

4:30PM: Construction team waits for another… oh wait. Nevermind.

5:45PM: The ladies head up the hill behind the house to take in a beautiful sunset over the ocean. The guys get sidetracked working on the table and show up 2 minutes late.

6:00PM: Dinner is served. So far the food here has been fantastic. Tonight it was baked macaroni, cole slaw, bread and butter, & brownies for dessert.

7:00PM: Team debriefs on the balcony. It’s super cool hanging out there at night. Because most of the people in Haiti don’t have electricity it gets super dark & quiet.

8:00PM: We wrap up debriefing and start an intense round of Code Names. I see more Code Names happening in the future!

10:30PM: Goodnight!

If you made it to this point in the blog, thanks! We’re having a blast so far and are really loving what Worldwide Village is doing here in Haiti. We may be physically tired at the end of the day, but I think we all look forward to what the next day will bring. Check back tomorrow!

- Grant & Team Awesomesauce

Absolutely No Biting Allowed!

Today was our first chance to see all of the different ministries and projects that World Wide Village is doing. For the first half of the day, Randy Mortenson (the President of WWV) gave us a quick tour of their land and programs. We got to see their chicken program, goat program, the medical center, the public well, and the school in Williamson. Here’s a fun story by Tina from when we first got to the school.

One of the first things we did today was visit the Williamson School, which is one of five schools in the area that Worldwide Village supports. It was great to see the property, classrooms, and all of the kids in their uniforms, which are different color schemes based on the grade level. We walked through the front gate and had only been on the grounds for about 2 minutes before a girl, who was probably 6 years old (even though she said she was 10), ran straight up to me and threw her arms around me. I’m not sure why she singled me out, but for the remainder of the hour or more we were there, she was attached to my side and on several occasions would push away, and one instance try to bite, other kids so she didn’t have to “share” me. The kids loved holding our hands, playing patty-cake & “slap hand,” interacting with us, and were fascinated with anything on our wrists.  

-Tina from Team Awesome Sauce.

In case you were worried that we haven’t done much yet, they put us to WORK for the second half of the day. Half of us helped sift a gravel pile for plaster and concrete. Fun thing happened where the wheel barrel we were moving the gravel and rocks with broke so we had to fill up five gallon buckets that we carried on our head. We made it work and got the job done :) The other team went to the Sewing Center (where they teach people how to sew and tailor as an after school program) and painted the outside of it. It was hot in the sun, but we finished a couple of coats and still have one to go. A hand full of kids who had just finished school stopped by to “help” us paint. A lot of it ended up on their arms, one girl even painted her flip-flops, but we had a blast painting together!

After a few hours of baking in the sun, we headed back to the house, had another delicious meal, and spent some more time debriefing, praying, and sharing stories on the deck. It was another great day!

If you could all be praying for a specific project we’ll be doing tomorrow; we’re pouring a concrete foundation for a house that is being built for a family in Williamson and there are a lot of moving pieces that go along with that. Pray that it would go smoothly and that everyone stays safe around the heavy equipment. Also, continued prayer for health and safety would be much appreciated! We’ll see you back here tomorrow!

 -Team Awesome Sauce